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Obama holds out on troops to Yemen

President Obama stated that he does not plan on sending any US armed forces into Yemen. Focus turned to Yemen after a Yemen-based Al-Qaeda group claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day attack on a Detroit bound airliner from Amsterdam. The president maintained that the focus of military measures against Al-Qaeda will remain concentrated at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. This, however, he stated, does not rule out other efforts to help dismantle Al-Qaeda efforts in Yemen. The president recognized the “complex world” in which Al-Qaeda functions and that other avenues are being advanced. In regions like Yemen, the president plans to work with international partners in the fight against terrorist groups, and he believes that such efforts would be more effective than a US military presence.  As such, the US commander for operations in the Middle East, General David Petraeus, stated that the US planned to double economic aid to Yemen in order to help the country combat militant groups. Read more at BBC.


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