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New Israeli Drone Can Reach Iran

The Israeli Air Force has unveiled a new fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles that have the capacity to fly missions for over twenty consecutive hours. With such capabilities, the new Eitan drones could reach Iran and the Gulf in a single mission. The drones have a wingspan of eighty-six feet and are approximately the size of a Boeing 737 passenger jet; this places the Eitan as the second largest UAV model in the world.

The Eitan can be used for long-range endurance missions to provide enemy surveillance, jam communications systems, and carry heavy payloads. The IAF has not confirmed, however, if the Eitan will be outfitted for a weapons payload. The use of combat-ready UAV’s has been common in US missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. One such UAV, the Hunter, which has been utilized by US forces, was built by Israel.

The unveiling of the Eitan comes during heightened tensions in the region resulting from Iran’s announcement of plans to  increase uranium enrichment above twenty percent and construct additional nuclear facilities. Israeli officials have suggested the likely use of military force if diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear program fail. To read more and see a demonstration of the Eitan, click here and here.


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