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Chinese Government Shuts Down Hackers' Website

The Chinese government recently shut down Black Hawk Safety Net – a website with paid and free-based subscription services which provided its members with training in cyber attacks as well as downloads of malicious software – including Trojan files which can be used to access. compromise, and control other online machines. The website had over 12,000 paying members, as well as 170,000 members using free services, and generated millions in membership fees. This development comes on the heels of a recent falling out between search giant, Google, and the Chinese Government. Last month, Google threatened to pull out of China unless the government loosened its position on internet censorship. Additionally, a recent computer attack on Google servers which attempted to steal software code and the names of human rights activists who have been vocal against China was sourced back to China. The Chinese government, however, denied any involvement with the attack. Read more at BBC.


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