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Yemen Has U.S. Drones at its Disposal

In the wake of a recent admission by the Prime Minister of Pakistan of his predecessor’s consent to U.S. drone operation in that country, Yemen now admits to U.S. drones operating within its borders, too.

The campaign against al Qaeda in Yemen has gained increased international visibility since a cargo plane bomb plot targeting Western interests was uncovered last week.  Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for placing parcel bombs that U.S. and British officials say were designed to explode in midair. The group has also been linked to an attempted 2009 Christmas Day attack on a commercial airliner by a man with explosives strapped to his underwear.

In this context, Yemen’s foreign minister, Abu Bakr Abdullah Al Qirbi, told CNN that his country has U.S. military drones at its disposal and that U.S. intelligence is helping find al-Qaeda operatives.  As for attribution, Al Qirbi claims the drones are piloted orlistat purchase by Yemenis, using intelligence provided by the United States.


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