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Yemen Announced Cease-Fire with Houthi

Fighting between the Houthi and Yemen forces started back in full force in July of 2009, a year after Yemeni President Saleh declared the end of a year of fighting that broke out after a 2008 cease–fire fell apart. President Saleh said a new cease-fire had been negotiated this Thursday, ending a year of fighting that had drawn in neighboring Saudi Arabia.

The six–point cease–fire calls for Houthi fighters to turn in their arms and end hostilities with the Saudi Kingdom, but a final deadline for full implementation has not been set—the Houthi claim they need time to get all their fighters down from mountainous locations. Part of the truce allows for Houthi representatives to sit on the panel overseeing implementation of the cease–fire.

Read more at Al Jazeera.


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