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Who Is Responsible for the South Korean Ship Sinking?

The South Korean government is still having a hard time to find the cause for the sinking of its navy ship in which 46 sailors are missing among the ship’s 104 sailors. It is the worst incident to occurr in the disputed water border-line area off the west coast of the Korean peninsula since the Korean War.

Both North and South Korean navies have mined both sides of the border. A stray mine might have been the cause of the explosion at the rear of the 1,200 ton South Korean corvette, which then sank. Although both sides presumably know where they mined, strong currents may have caused the mines to drift. South Korean officials said that it is highly unlikely that North Korean have the technological sophistication to intentionally set off a mine beneath a ship, and the sea level deep enough for a submarine to attack the ship.

Another possibility might have been an explosion of the ship’s own ammunition or fuel. This is an unlikely possibility, considering the long experience the navy has in patroling the region.

Read more at Asia Times.


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