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Voice of America Hacked

The Iranian Cyber Army, which has previously hacked twitter, has taken credit for a cyber attack on Voice of America. The site contained an image of a globe encircled by an Iranian flag with an AK47 next to it. Additionally, writing in Farsi was translated into English below stating “We have proven, that we can.” The website claims credit for hacking numerous other websites.

The site also calls out Secretary Clinton saying, in poor English, to  ” hear the voice of oppressed nations” from within the U.S. Also, ominously, it goes on to demand that the US “stop interfering with in Islamic countries.”

The Iranian regime has been dealt a meaningful blow recently. The Iranians noted the right of Egyptian protesters to voice their opposition to their government but have hypocritically and brutally suppressed the peaceful protests of Iranians against the Islamic Republic in their own country.  The shift by the Obama administration, particularly statements made by Secretary Clinton, to voice support for Egyptian protesters has put pressure on the United States to support the Iranian opposition as well, who happens to be vastly pro-West and pro-secular democracy.

The Iranian opposition, or Green Movement, has increased pressures as of late and showed its resilience against the brutality of the Iranian regime. The regime has also showed aggression by having two war ships enter the Suez Canal. Despite opposition figures like Mousavi and Karoubi being placed under house arrest, the opposition still plans to move forward with plans to voice their opposition to the Iranian regime.

VOA’s hacked website had the image below on its main page.



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