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UN Special Representative to DRC Condemns Attacks on UN Peacekeepers

MONUSCO forces await UN Peacekeeping helicopter. Photo by AFP.

The United Nations Special Representative to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Roger Meece, on Monday strongly condemned last week’s attack against the agency’s blue helmets in the eastern region of the African country.

Last Saturday, about 50 armed men were seen approaching the base of the UN peacekeeping base in Rwindi, the capital of the restive North Kivu province.

The UN peacekeepers repeatedly warned the gunmen to stand down but they continued to approach. Then, the unidentified men fired rifles and tried to enter the base at several different points. The UN Peace Corps fired back and engaged in a gunfight that lasted around 20 minutes.

The confrontation ended when the attackers fled the scene. Eight gunmen were killed at the scene and two more injured. Two assault rifles, hundreds of cartridges, three machetes, a grenade, explosives and other weapons were recovered after the incident.

The army of the DR Congo, known as FARDC, has since apprehended several of the attackers. A joint investigation is currently under way to establish the identities and motives of the attackers who, according to early indications, appear to be part of the Mai-Mai militia group.

Meece assured that they will initiate prosecution against the perpetrators. He also underlined that the mission will continue its efforts to support the Congolese government in the troubled African nation.

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