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UN Report Concludes that Worldwide Anti-Narcotics Efforts are Flawed

A report released by the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports that about 900 tons of opium and 375 tons flow out of Afghanistan through Central Asia to the rest of the world. UNODC estimated that when the Taliban was in power in the 1990’s, they were earning between $75-100 million a year, but in 2005 they earned about $90-160 million.

The report also spoke of how little of the opium is seized: between 4-5% in Central Asian and Russia and less than 2% in south-eastern Europe, both regions where most of opium leaves Afghanistan. Inside of Afghanistan, where interdiction would be most effective, less than 2% of the opium and heroin is seized, as compared 36% of cocaine in Colombia.

Read more at RFE/RL.


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