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U.S. Says Kuwait Company Overbilled It by Millions for Troops’ Food

Assistant US Attorney Barbara Nelan announces the charges in Atlanta. Via FoxNews.

Agility, formally known as the Public Warehousing Company, was charged with six counts of fraud for allegedly inflating prices on perishable items and transportation costs associated with contracts to provide food for U.S. troops in Iraq, Kuwait, and Jordan. The charges include fraud, conspiracy to defraud the government, making false statements, submitting false claims, and wire frauds. Although no specific estimate of the alleged fraud has been reported, Agility has received approximately $8.5 billion in contracts from the Department of Defense of which one contract was estimated to be inflated by $62.2 million over a 41-month period. Agility denies any fraud was committed. Agility’s shares on the Kuwait Stock Exchange have been suspended and fell 8.3% to a 18-week low.


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