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U.S. Declassifies Part of New Cybersecurity Plan

On Tuesday, the White House declassified parts of its previously top secret plan, aimed at protecting the nation’s computer systems from cyber attacks. Created under the Bush administration, the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) calls for greater collaboration between private companies and the NSA, whose mission includes overseas intelligence and developing improved cybersecurity technology. The initiative calls for greater cooperation between academia, government and the private sector.

The CNCI covers a wide variety of areas, including cyber counterintelligence and deterrence strategies. The stated aim of the program is to establish a front line of defense against today’s immediate threats, to defend against the full spectrum of threats, and to strengthen the future cybersecurity environment. The CNCI funds a number of sensitive projects, including the government’s Einstein 3 technology, which will examine inside e-mail and other data traffic into and out of federal networks. While the NSA will provide much of the technology and will be alerted to intrusion attempts, but it will not have access to the content of the messages.

Read more at the BBC and the FT.


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