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Tymoshenko to Contest Yanukovyich Victory

Former Ukrianian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and her supporters are formally contesting Opposition Leader Victor Yanukovyich‘s victory in Ukrainian courts. Yanukovyich won the runoff Presidential election by 3% on Sunday. While the vote total was close, international observers have judged the election to be fair, and Yanukovyich has stated that Tymoshenko “risks (executing) the Orange Revolution,” which liberalized Ukranian politics. This is one skirmish in a continuing battle that Yanukovyich has fought since 2004, when he lost the Presidency to Victor Yushchenko in the beginning of the Orange Revoltuion. Yanukoyvich was bolstered by a lack of voter trunout in the “Orange” areas of Ukraine, which enable him to win while earning less votes than in 2004.


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