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Two Chinese Schools Said to be Tied to Online Attacks

This week signaled a breakthrough in the National Security Agency’s investigation of the online attacks on Google and other servers. The attacks have been traced to two schools in China, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lanxiang Vocational School. Jiaotong has one of the top computer science programs in China and rivals elite universities in the United States. Lanxiang is a large vocational school with ties to the Chinese military and Google’s main competitor in China, Baidu.

This new information has raised questions of whether the Chinese government is responsible for the attacks or if the hackers are working independently. Some analysts believe this is just another example of 21st century “criminal industrial espionage”—where independent hackers aim to steal valuable information. While others, such as James C. Mulvenon from the Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis in Washington, D.C., point out that China employs a decentralized system of online espionage by often employing the talents of independent “patriotic hackers.”

To read more, read The New York Times.


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