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Two Bombs Rip Through Downtown Baghdad

Late Sunday morning, the beginning of the Iraqi workweek, two bombs detonated outside of government buildings, exploding through rush hour traffic, killing over 130 people and wounding more than 520. The first bomb was set off near the Justice Ministry and Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works a little after ten in the morning. The second bomb blew up less than a minute later near the newly renovated Baghdad provincial headquarters, which included a claims office for victims of past terrorist acts. Read more at The Washington Post.

According to the , the site of the bombings was only a few hundred yards from the Green Zone, and three US contractors were injured, but no US personnel were killed. 25 members of the Baghdad Provincial Counsel were killed in the second blast. The bombing occurred a few hours before Iraq’s top political leadership was set to meet with political party leaders to discuss disputed election law prior the January parliamentary elections.


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