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Thanks for the Americans, Now Give Us Afghans

While the increase of 30,000  American troops in Afghanistan is a welcome addition for both Brigadier General Larry Nicholson and General Stanley McChrystal, what they now need is more Afghans. reports that Brigadier General Nicholson, commander of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan, has 10,000 marines and only 2,000 Afghans.  That’s one Afghans for every five Americans—the general wants is a one to one ratio.

Afghanistan is attempting to help— reports that the Afghan government hopes to increase troop levels from 95,000 to 134,00 by October 2010.  The Afghan government has instated a 40% pay raise (from a little under $120/day up to $165/day) for military and police recruits to help obtain this goal.  $165 a day isn’t bad in a country with a GDP of $25.  See here for ABC’s take on this pay hike.


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