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Texas Woman Arrested for Possession of Explosives

The peculiar case of Kimberly “Asma” Al-Homsi continued to intrigue investigators after she was arrested on Saturday near Arlington, Texas.  Al-Homsi could face federal prosecution after officers found two incendiary devices in her car after leading police on a short high-speed chase.  Police were called after al-Homsi and her passenger flashed a gun at another driver in a fit of road rage.  Al-Homsi was previously prosecuted for the effects of her road rage in 2005 after she threatened another driver with a dummy grenade.  Al-Homsi has claimed to have links with Osama bin Laden and has publicly denounced the U.S. government in television interviews.  When arrested in 2007 for conducting suspicious surveillance of Love Field, Al-Homsi, donned in camouflaged pants under traditional Muslim attire, claimed, “I’m a trained sniper and I’m proud of it.”  At present she is being held on a $210,000 bond in Arlington City Jail.


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