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Taliban, U.S. Claim Seizures of Weapons

Insurgents Display Captured U.S. Weaponry. via NY Daily News/Al Jazeera.

The Afghan National Police and NATO- led forces seized 250 tons (225,000 kilograms) of bomb-making material in an operation in the southern province of Kandahar, the alliance said. A patrol found 1,000 bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, a material that is illegal in the country and is often used to make bombs, and detained 15 people. The patrol later discovered another 4,000 100-lb. bags of fertilizer nearby in a compound. So far this year, 6,500 bombs have either been found or have gone off.

This capture is good news to NATO and U.S. troops, as television footage today showed insurgents handling what appeared to be U.S. ammunition in a remote area of eastern Afghanistan. Al Jazeera reports that the militants said they took the weapons from two U.S. outposts located in the Nuristan province. NATO forces stated the units removed all sensitive items and accounted for all equipment and ammunition.


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