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Speaking of Pakistan: The U.S. and India Must Take Steps to Deepen Their Cooperation Against South

Approximately a year after the Mumbai hotel attack which claimed 173 lives including four American lives, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has arrived in Washington to meet with President Obama. Since the Mumbai hotel attack, the United States and India’s law enforcement and counterintelligence cooperation has increased dramatically due to an recognition of India and the United States’ parallel security interests in Pakistan. The Pakistan government has long received United States assistance amounting to $15 billion since 9/11 to assist in the U.S. fight in Afghanistan as well as against terrorism. However, the Mumbai hotel attacks by the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba highlighted Pakistan’s selective fight on terrorism and relative inaction in combating the terrorist groups such as the Lashkar. Thus, this week’s talks between Obama and Singh will likely build upon the United States and India’s “common vision of a stable, democratic, civilian-controlled Pakistan” to continue to build their intelligence and law enforcement capacities.

For more information, click here WSJ.


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