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South Korean Navy Ship Sinks

A South Korean navy ship sank early Saturday, in the Yellow Sea, near the border area between North and South Korea. The navy officials said that a ship carrying 104 crew members sank near the island of Baengnyeong, but the cause of the incident is unknown at the moment. The 1,500-ton corvette Cheonan went down after an explosion in the rear of the ship.

The South Korean government issued a statement saying they are not ruling out the possibility that the ship was damaged in a military engagement. The South Korean navy also shot at an unidentified ship toward the north. The officials are still uncertain whether North Korea was involved, but they are holding emergency meeting of ministers involved in security matters.

Sources reveal that North Korea recently has been bulking up its defenses, and they conducted dozens of artillery firing drills just a day before the incident.

Find out more at CNN.


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