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Self-Assembling Contacts with Heads-Up Display

Univ. of Washington researchers are making progress towards contact lenses with integrated display capabilities. Image from

Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way to create self-assembling contact lenses complete with light-emitting diodes, radio chips and antennae, reports National Defense Magazine. The contacts achieve power through radio waves that the antennae picks up – a process that Babak Parviz, the lead scientist for the research program, says is more efficient and less of a health risk than traditional batteries.

Thus far the program has only been able to test the lenses on rabbits as human testing is still considered to have too many associated health risks, but Parviz expects to see the technology available to at least the military within the next decade.

The researchers eventually hope to display color graphics on the lens without blocking the user’s field of vision as well as measuring the wearer’s health indicators in a non-invasive way.


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