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Saudi Arabia’s Continues Its Clash with Yemen’s Houthi Rebels

Saudi forces have taken control of a crucial area called Jabal al-Dood along the Yemen border as the country continues its clash with Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Assistant Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan spoke to a local television station, stating that the Saudi forces were “destroying the infiltrators” in an attempt to avoid a “war in the mountains.”

Since 2004, the Houthi rebels have been in strife with Yemen’s government, claiming religious and political ostracism. The Houthi rebels believe the Saudi government allowed the Yemeni military to use the area of Jabal al-Dood as a base for attacks against them. However, after the rebels crossed the border and took control of the area, Saudi forces began their attacks. Saudi officials believe Iran is supporting the attacks and helping al-Qaeda to cross into Saudi Arabia.

For more details refer to Al Jazeera English.


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