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Reid asks DHS to Call off Las Vegas Exercise

The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, recently asked the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to call off the 2010 National Level Exercise in his home state. The scheduled activities are scheduled to occur in Las Vegas. These training activities are designed to prepare first responders for a scenario in which a nuclear weapon would be denoted.

The plan involves 10,000 local, state, and federal officials in Nevada and an additional 15,000 would take part in other parts of the country. The drill is supposed to simulate a 4.5-kiloton blast and have first responders and officials respond to it while attempting to thwart a potential second attack. A 2007 RAND report found that Las Vegas is one of the ten most likely cities to be attacked by terrorists and a nuclear attack could cause $50 billion in lost economic activity. Reid claims that the exercises will hurt commerce.

Read more at the Las Vegas Review Journal.


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