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Radical Muslim “Hate Preacher” goes back to Kenya–again.

He knew Germaine Lindsay, the man who “blew himself up on the London Underground at Russell Square on July 7, 2005 and killed 26 commuters,” yet he claims he advised the young man to go to Saudi Arabia to study rather than to London to terrorize.  Abdullah Faisal was deported by Kenya to The Gambia for his alleged “terrorist history.” However, the trip was unsuccessful.  “‘I was deported to The Gambia but when I reached Nigeria, an airline there declined to fly me to Gambia,’ the AFP news agency quoted him as saying.”  So it is back to Nairobi for a man unwanted by numerous African nations.  The question now is where he will end up–and in the meantime, what will become of his radical sermons and racist ideology in an unstable continent.


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