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Putin Possibly Contemplating Presidential Bid in 2012

Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has not ruled out seeking the presidency in 2012. When asked during a four-hour question-and-answer session on television, the former president stated, “I will think about it, there is still enough time.” Putin answered a number of wide-ranging questions submitted by viewers of the television program, including questions about terrorism and the economy. Putin promised that Moscow would intensify its response to terrorism a week after 26 people were killed in a train attack. Analysts agree that Putin likely desires to regain the presidency, and many have viewed the current presidency of Dmitry Medvedev as an extension of Putin’s power. The Russian Constitution limits a president to two four-year consecutive terms, but does not limit non-consecutive terms. Sociologist Olga Kryshtanovskaya stated “I think it was decided that Putin should not seek a third consecutive term, but that after four years he could return to the presidency.” For more information see: Vladimir Putin ‘to think about’ presidential bid; Putin may run for president in 2010.


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