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Pakistani Taliban responsible for Suicide Bombing of Mosque

The Pakistani Taliban sent an email claiming responsibility for Friday’s suicide bombing of a Rawapindi mosque. On Friday afternoon, four suicide bombers entered a mosque and discharged gunfire and grenades at the attending worshippers in the city of Rawalpindi, a well-known military base for the Pakistani army.  According to the Washington Post, “40 people were killed and scores were injured.”  Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas confirmed that two of the attackers blew themselves up, while the security forces killed the remaining two.

The attack occurred only two days after President Obama emphasized Pakistan’s importance in the U.S.’s new fighting strategy in Afghanistan.

Rawalpindi has not been under attack for at least a month, since insurgents took people hostage in military headquarters on October 1oth and a terrorist targeted a bank on November 2nd.

Read more at the Washington Post and CNN World.                                                                                                                                     Read more about Pakistan on the NSLB blog.


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