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Obstacles continue in dealing with Iranian regime

The Iranian regime has remained obstanant against the U.S. on numerous fronts. The arbitrary detention of U.S. hikers,  human rights violations, aggressive stance on the nuclear issue,  and support for terrorist organizations and those hostile to U.S. interests have continued to make Iran a problem for policy makers to deal with.

Though of one the three hikers who has been detained in Iran, Sara Shroud, was released on bail, the other two remain in custody. Their trial has been yet again postponed. An Iranian woman,  Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who has garnered international attention has been sentenced to death by stoning because of an alleged adultury. Due to international pressure, her sentence of being stoned to death was not carried through yet but there is speculation that there is an impending execution and her confession to adultery came under  “extreme duress.”

Despite reports that indicated the Iranian regime has supported terrorist organization throughout the Middle East and beyond, some sympathizers remained skeptical. The recent reports exposed on wikileaks show thousands of documents which clearly show the Iranian regime’s meddeling in Iraq and support of terrorist organizations. In addition, the recent reports that Iran has provided weapons to Nigerian rebel groups has hurt its already crumbling credibility.

Some allies, most noteably those in the EU, have joined the U.S. to counter Iran’s rogue behavior.  For example, oil giant BP has halted its latest natural gas venture in Iran to comply with new European Union sanctions. Meanwhile, the Chinese continue to systematically bypass the sanctions.  However, to force Iran to comply, it will take more action on the part of the U.S. as well as sustained and united pressure on a global scale.


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