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Obama's $100 million for Haiti

***An Opinion Piece***

Obama this week gave 100 million American dollars to Haiti. He also sent various military forces to Haiti. Limbaugh called this ridiculous. Robertson called the Haitians cursed. It seems like such a split divide for liberals and conservatives to come down on such a tragedy in such a fashion. But as illustrative as the “crazies” on the right show of this politically polarized country, it begs to question some really serious issues that our country’s people and government is ignoring.

When do we stop just “creating” money by the mere printing of it to solve the worlds problems. While the United States is viewed as one of the strongest countries (there’s evidence now that it’s not: London’s equity markets surpassing the NYSE, China’s trade exports surpassing ours, our failing banks and failing auto industry) when do other countries step in and try to help other nations? Why are we the only ones giving out the funds and military aid?

American dollars in foreign hands, I’d like to argue, is our biggest concern, if not the biggest concern. China could “call in” their investments on American dollars and we’d have to pay their almost 1 trillion in American dollars. Which would add to the already burdened deficit (12 trillion and change). While some view this as a financial problem, I view this as a high priority National Security issue. How can we pay for our security forces, our multi-million dollar vehicles (some ranging in the hundreds of millions) if we are near broke. In the eyes of an 18 trillion dollar deficit by 2015, how can we keep saving the world on the American dollar?

While no one in their right mind would question 100 million dollars for Haiti as being the right thing to do, what about our Administration pressuring other countries to do the same? Costa Rica, the Switzerland of Latin America, (among many other strong but third-world nations) can’t afford to give a 100 million dollars, but other countries can, most notable Japan, China, Britian, etc. What happens when the United States cannot afford to give that 100 millions dollars because we’ve overextended our military and fiscal support to the entire globe? What about the Netherlands quick military withdrawal form Iraq and now casting doubt on the Unites State’s right to that war.

This issue seems to be two-fold. If we stay on this reckless spending agenda we’ve been on since the Clinton years (yes it’s a conservative and liberal problem), when will the United States not be able to afford it’s National Security defenses? The second questions is: Why hasn’t the rest of the world realized that the same wrongs the United States fights to protect it’s national security, affects there countries as well. When will the U.S. ask for strong contribution? Maybe it is not a question of when the United States will ask, but rather when the United States will cut off some of this military and financial assistance. Hopefully withholding aid from certain countries or wars, will force the other nations to come to the playing field before we can’t afford to.

(Note – I am FOR the $100 million dollar aid Obama gave to Haiti – but 100 million here and 100 million there does add up)

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