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North Korea attacks South Korea

In the most significant act of aggression since the Korean war, North Korea attacked South Korea today, killing 2 South Korean marines. North Korea shelled an island in an area of disputed borders and injured 15 soldiers and 3 civilians. The South Koreans dispatched fighter jets and retaliated with K-9 155mm self-propelled howitzers.

U.S. Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, called for North Kore

a to stop its aggressive action and noted the dedication the U.S. has to South Korean security. tamoxifen North Korea has promised more strikes if its maritime border is crossed.

North Korea, which became nuclear armed under the Obama administration, has been enriching Uranium and pursuing further nuclear enrichment with new facilities. Many speculate that Iran is on the same path to acquiring nuclear weapons as it has mirrored North Korea's path of ignoring UN resolutions and sanctions.



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