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No To The Internet & No To The Media

Via Yahoo

By now, people are probably getting bored of reading about Iran. But the problem is that the more Iran’s administration tries to stay out of the news, the more they stay in the news.

Take for example Iran’s actions to slow down Internet connections or cutting them of totally in an attempt to quell the ability of students to organize for a recently planned rally. These students are known for organizing these rallies mainly through Internet and mobile phones. Surprisingly the administration hasn’t attempted to disrupt wireless connections as well. (Editor’s note: They have cut wireless connections in the past. They currently have not but might still resort to such tactics. As the BBC shows.)

Iranian Authorities have even gone as far as ordering journalists, working for foreign media organizations, not to leave their offices in attempts to cover the rally. Seems like these attempts aren’t totally stopping the media from getting a glimpse of the “action” in Iran. If Iran’s administration was doing this for a legitimate purpose, it certainly is not helping its cause by refusing to explain its attempts to keep the media out and quashing students’ hopes of being heard.

The students are planning an additional rally this coming Monday. Hopefully their attempts will not be futile. Although, judging by precedence, the outlook is not sunny.

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Photo via Yahoo via AP Photos (no direct link provided).


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