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New Standards For Passenger Ships


In response to various unreported civilian crimes and the stepped up activity of Somalian pirates, Congress passed H.R. 3360, The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2009, yesterday. While not a highly news-visible bill, it will ensure that better safeguards are in place for passengers and crew members on these “floating cities.” This bill was created to protect passengers from external dangers as well as internal ones. shows the bill’s additions in this summary:

“(1) vessel design, equipment, construction, and retrofitting; (2) video surveillance to monitor crime; (3) posting of U.S. embassy locations; (4) maintenance of equipment and medical personnel for sexual assaults on board; (5) confidentiality of sexual assault information; (6) crew access to passenger staterooms; and (7) log book entry and reporting of deaths, missing individuals, thefts, and other crimes.”

The bill will also authorize the U.S. Coast Guard to develop these regulations and train the civilian personnel of these ships.


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