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Nevada Unifies Homeland Security and Emergency Management Functions

After September 11, Nevada did what all states were encouraged to do by setting up a homeland security director assigned to the governor’s office. This past year Nevada took a step that other states have recently done by merging their homeland security office into their Emergency Operation Center. The merger has improved efficiency since many of the duties the Emergency Operations Center was performing was being done by their Homeland Security counterparts.

In Carson City the unification includes a $10.5 million center that the Emergency Management Director, Frank Siracusa, says performs “every phase of emergency management including intelligence, planning, detection, prevention, response and recovery is in one place and under one management.” A similar merger in Las Vegas has allowed terrorism and crime fighting issues to be attacked by one fusion center. Doug Gilepse, the sheriff who runs the fusion center in Las Vegas, surmised “We’ve also got connectivity to information generated by DHS and the FBI, which makes us more proactive in identifying threats.”

Read more at Nevada Appeals or at Mercury News.


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