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Man Behind Subway Bomb Plot Pleads Guilty

The man arrested in last year’s plot to bomb the New York subway has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. Najibullah Zazi, a 25-year-old Afghan immigrant, admitted to a federal judge yesterday that he had been trained by Al Qaeda and came to New York to detonate a bomb in the subway at a time close to the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country, and providing material support for a foreign terrorism organization, Zazi could face life in prison when sentenced in June.  While some criticize the decision to try terrorists in civilian courts, Attorney General Eric Holder argued that the success in this case serves as an example for how “the criminal justice system has proved to be an invaluable weapon for disrupting plots and incapacitating terrorists.”

Click here for a  look inside the Zazi courtroom


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