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Leaked Video Shows Killing of Journalist in Iraq

On Monday, released a video from 2007 revealing an unprovoked attack on a Reuters photographer and others by U.S. forces in Iraq. The video has been confirmed authentic by military officials, yet multiple Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the 38-minute video were denied.

In the video, U.S. forces mistake a camera and other equipment for AK-47s and RPGs before opening fire on approximately eight individuals. A van carrying an additional number of people, including two children, later comes to the scene. The individuals in the van can be clearly seen moving one of the bodies towards the van and do not engage in any hostile activity. After requesting permission to engage with the individuals moving the body, U.S. forces open fire on the individuals and the van, wounding both children sitting towards the front.

Twelve individuals, including the Reuters photographer and a driver, were killed during the attack. Despite the obvious gravity of the episode, no disciplinary action has been taken since the U.S. military in Baghdad concluded that the U.S. forces involved could not have known that journalists were in the group.

To watch the video, see: WikiLeaks.Org


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