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Israeli President Accuses Syria of Scud Assistance to Hezbollah

Israeli President Shimon Peres accused Syria of sending long-range Scud missiles to Hezbollah. Peres, a former Prime Minister of Israel, argued that Syria’s actions undercut its leaders’ spoken willingness to promote peace in the region. Syrian leaders deny the accusation, but the accusation conforms to rumors that Syria had increased its presence and aid to Hezbollah. While the Syrian-Hezbollah relationship has been documented before, these new Scud missiles are projected to have a 450 mile range. Military analysts say that it could potentially change the balance of power in Israeli-Hezbollah-Syria relations. The increasing “sophistication” of weaponry has also concerned American policymakers, and three GOP Congressmen have held up the appointment of a new Ambassador to Syria until the issue is resolved.


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