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Iraq Rocked By Another Suicide Attack

Another violent attack in Iraq has left 27 people dead. According to reports, a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb during the pilgrimage of Shiite Muslims to a holy city to the south of Baghdad. Attackers planned the attack during the busiest part of the day as the roads were congested with people trying to reach the city. The attack comes on the heels of two violent attacks in Iraq this week. On Monday, a suicide bomber killed 54 people north of Baghdad and on Wednesday a motorcycle suicide bomber killed dozens of pilgrims.

The pilgrims were heading to the city of Karbala to celebrate Arabeen, a ritual  to honor Imam Hussein. The attack occurred as people were standing close together on the Peace Bridge. Police officers and troops ranging in the 30,000 number have been recently deployed in order to provide security for a ritual that had been previously banned under the Sadam Hussein regime.


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