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Iranian Population Continues Defiance

Yesterday in Washington D.C., at Georgetown University, leaders of the opposition movement joined together in honor of 16 Azar, “Students Day”. The gathering, attended by hundreds of Iranians and supporters of the Green Movement, had speakers including opposition leader Akbar Atri who has written numerous articles, and former political prisoners like Ahmad Batebi.

Photo above is of Ahmad Batebi on the cover of the

Economist following the 1999 protests for which he was thrown in jail and made a political prisoner. Photo found here, Flickr.

 The gathering was in solidarity and anticipation of the protests that took place in Iran today. Numerous speakers stressed the necessity of supporting the will of the people in Iran for change and opposition to policies in the U.S. and abroad that embolden the Iranian regime to further violate human rights.  Thousands of students across the country gathered in protest of the regime in power. They chanted slogans which mean  “How much money have they paid you to hold that baton?” and “Down with the Dictator.”

Despite government efforts to keep foreign media out, shut down internet and phone service, and to crush the protests, the defiance of the people still held strong.


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