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Iranian Opposition Plans Another Mass Protest

The Iranian Green movement has called for mass protests on the anniversary of the inception of the Islamic Repbulic. Depsite the mass killings and brutal crackdown, the opposition has remained strong since the fraud ridden election of this summer.

A large crowd will be gathered at the ironically named Azadi (“Freedom”) Square on Feb 11th.  While many claimed that the green movement was one of evolution and not revolution, those assertions have been proven false as the Green Movement has shown that they want a completely new, open, and transparent democracy in power. 

According to government run Islamic Republic News Agency, police chief Gen. Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam said “In dealing with previous protests, police showed leniency. But given that these opponents are seeking to topple (the ruling system), there will be no mercy.”  The opposition has promised to come out regardless of the threats as there has been no mercy thus far.


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