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Iranian Authorities Close Two Major Publications Linked to Karroubi

The daily newspaper for the opposition in Iran, Etemad, and the weekly magazine, Iran Dokht, were shut down by Iranian authorities on Monday. Authorities cited links to outspoken opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi as justification for the closings.

Iranian Opposition Figure Mehdi Karroubi. Image courtesy of Agence France-Presse — Getty Images.

Mehdi Karroubi has emerged as one of the most defiant opponents of Iran’s leadership after initially being seen as a second-tier opposition figure to Mir Hussein Moussavi. Both leaders were candidates in the discredited elections of June 12, 2009.

The closing of the two publications comes a week after a ruling last week by Ayatollah Khamenei that Mr. Karroubi and Mr. Moussavi have no place in politics.

Read more in today’s New York Times.


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