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Iran Indicates Willingness to Cooperate With IAEA

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated on Tuesday, February 2, that Iran would have “no problem” cooperating with a proposal backed by the International Atomic Energy Agency to send low-enriched uranium to third-party countries for processing and enrichment. This proposal, which the IAEA has been pushing for months now, would allow third-party countries to oversee the enrichment of uranium produced in Iran and to ensure that it is used only for peaceful purposes. Ahmadinejad continued to say, “Some people made a fuss about it. There is no problem. We will seal a contract and we will give you 3.5 per cent uranium to enrich it to 20 per cent levels in four or five months and return to us…” World leaders, however, met Ahmadinejad’s statements with skepticism, stating that Iran may be simply stalling to avoid sanctions and to position themselves better for more negotiations. Other world leaders have remained pessimistic and have declared that Iran’s reputation will be judged far greater by its actions than by its words.


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