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Iran Claims West Behind Recent Attacks

While Iran meets in Vienna with western countries to talk about its nuclear program, Tehran claims that it has evidence linking Britain and the US with the recent suicide attacks in Iran. The New York Times reported today that the Revolutionary Guard’s commander in chief claims to have documents linking the governments of the US, Britain and Pakistan to terrorist bombings in the eastern border city of Pishin, which killed 42 people and injured 28, including members of the Guard.

Jundallah, the People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI), took credit for the two attacks on Sunday. It is based in Iran, but is part of a larger Sunni Baloch group in Pakistan. The PRMI fights for the rights of Sunni Muslims in Iran, and is based in the mountainous border between Iran and Pakistan.

The London Times reports that The US and Britain deny links to these attacks. However, the US, under President Bush, has been giving monetory assistance to the PRMI as far back as 2005, as part of an effort to create an internal Iranian regime change.


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