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India to Obtain Armed Drones

India is reportedly preparing to have “killer” unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in response to possible threats from Pakistan and China. Until now India has denied the use of armed UAVs, but they did use UAVs that can detect incoming missile attacks or border incursions.

The importance of obtaining armed UAVs grew enormously after the recent attack on paramilitary forces in Chhattisgarh that killed 75 security personnel. Sources reveal that the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been in contact with Israeli arms suppliers in New Delhi recently. The IAF is looking to operate Israeli Harop armed UAVs from 2011 onwards, and other units of the armed forces will follow.

India might also try to use the American UAVs given the deepening defense relations between the two countries. Israeli UAVs destruct at targets, while American UAVs may return to the base after the mission. However, Washington has to take into account the Pakistani response, especially as Pakistan receives military support from the United States. Israeli, on the other hand, has no similar political issues in the region.

Find out more at Asia Times.


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