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India and Pakistan To Resume Talks

India and pakistan are set to resume talks at the highest level since 2008, a move that can only serve as a good sign for the troubled region. The news comes on the heel of Indian Foreign Secretary, S. M. Krishna, asking the Pakistani Foreign Secretary, Salman Bashir to New Delhi. The invite will more than likely be accepted, but Pakistan has made it clear that they want the talk to encompass more than the issue of terrorism. Although terrorism remains a high priority for every nation, especially in this region of the world, many issues are set to be debated for the historically contentious foes. Some of the issues expected to be raised at the meetings range from trade to water rights.

As far as the U.S. is concerned, the meeting will come as a welcome relief as they proceed to seek help from Pakistan in fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan alongside the Pakistani border. India will no doubt use the talks to pressure the Pakistani prosecution of the attacks in Mumbai back on 2008 that left 163 dead. There is no doubt that the talks will be watched closely by the leaders of the world, as any agreement between the two countries will serve as a possible springboard to resolving other conflicts in the region.


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