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In Midst of Financial Crisis, Military Goes Green

The Army’s mission is not to be green. Our mission is to defend the nation. In that context, we’ve found it’s in our interest to develop sustainable projects.” – Kevin Geiss, United States Army program director for energy security

The U.S. military is expected to save up to $1.6 Billion in costs through its diverse programs centering on increasing the efficiency of its operations through green initiatives. While Geiss is sure to point out that ‘going green’ is not a mission of the military, he does cite a Pentagon strategy review stating that consuming less foreign oil and contributing less to climate change are critical to long-term safety.

The Army has cut water usage at its permanent bases and other facilities around the world by 31% since 2004, and the military has spent more than $100 million on “spray foam” insulation for tents in Iraq and Afghanistan, cutting leakage of air conditioning by at least 50%.

Tad Davis, the Army’s deputy assistant secretary for environmental issues, states that “the energy savings usually recover the investment within 90 days.”

Read more at USA Today.


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