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Implementing Iran Nuclear Sanctions Gains Critical Support

Following several months of diplomatic tensions, President Hu Jintao has announced that he will attend a nuclear security summit in Washington, DC.  This announcement is particularly notable because many expected China to express displeasure over the recent diplomatic clashes between the two nations, including: Google’s refusal to censor internet searches, proposed arms sales to Taiwan, currency manipulation claims, and the Dalai Lama’s visit to President Obama as well as the lingering Tibet and human right’s issues.

Most significantly, this visit signals China’s new support for United Nations sanctions against Iran for their nuclear program.  Up to this point, China has blocked progress in the UN Security Council by insisting on a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  In recognition of China’s change in stance clearing the final barrier to UN sanctions, Iran has sent their lead nuclear negotiator to Beijing.

The nuclear security summit is scheduled for 12-13 April.  Although it will be challenging, expect to see a renewed effort in drafting Iran sanctions that will appeal to both Western nations’ and Russia/China concerns.  Perhaps the recent defection of a senior Iranian nuclear scientist will prove critical in the persuading the UN to take prompt action?  For more, visit the NY Times.


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