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Immigrants for American Prosperity

On Sunday, March 21, thousands of frustrated illegal immigrants traveled to Washington D.C. to demand amnesty from President Obama. Protesters chanted, “Si, se puede! Si, se puede!” and demanded that President Obama act on his campaign promises of immigration reform. Recent studies show that legalizing undocumented workers can result in $1.5 trillion in economic growth. However, currently the U.S. is spending $285 billion over the next five years to deport illegal immigrants.  The legislation being discussed would open up the possibility to future immigration through more workers in the future, would allow illegal immigrants to have a path for citizenship, and make a change to social security cards by making them biometric capable. Immigration reform is in our nations best interests and although is supported by President Obama, who just finished his biggest legislative victory of his young presidency, any reform faces multiple congressional challenges.

For more information, please visit:  Washington Post, The Hill, and American Progress.


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