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Honduran President-Elect Seeks International Backing to End Crisis

Porifio Lobo, Honduras’ President-Elect, began an international public relations offensive to gain backing from the global community.  Lobo is a conservative former rancher who won the election on Sunday.  Honduras has been the subject of international criticism for its ousting of leftist former President Manuel Zelaya.  Following his ouster, he was exiled to the U.S., Nicaragua, and then the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras.  After pressure from the U.S. and other South American government, Honduras agreed to allow Zelaya to return on the condition that Honduras be allowed to have an election in which Zelaya was consitutionally barred from participating.   Assisstant U.S. Secretary of State Ricardo Valenzuela sounded a note of cautious optimism saying that Lobo’s election was “a step” to restoring consitutional order.  Despite 61% voter turnout, Brazil and Argentina have already signaled their opposition to recognition of Lobo’s presidency.  Panama, Costa Rica, and Peru have recognized Lobo’s government.

To read more, click here WSJ.


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