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H.R.3980; E-mail/Call Your Representative

The House Homeland Security has ordered a voice vote for tomorrow, Wednesday December 2nd for H.R. 3980. This bill not only identifies redundant reporting requirements for states and enforcement agencies, but also implements new performance metrics for homeland security preparedness grants.

The administrator of said grants would need to send a report to the Homeland Security Committees (House & Senate) 120 days days after the bills passage, and every 2 years therafter on October 1st.

Each program assessment would now also include 8 different new elements to their reports, including a brief summary of the programs objectives, identification of best practices, as well as summaries of key results of the programs.

As an incentive, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), reports that implementing this bill would have no “significant cost over the next 5 years.”

If you are so inclined to support better Homeland Security funding and operation as this does affect our security, please find out who your representative is here and e-mail him/her your opinion.


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