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Guantanamo Bay 2010: Should it Remain Open?

President Obama missed his 2010 deadline to close Guantanamo Bay.  The rural Illinois prison, proposed by Obama, does not look promising and Yemen is no longer an option as evidence has surfaced indicating the Christmas Day bomb-plotter received al-Qaeda training within Yemen’s border.  Missing the deadline could prove politically problematic for the President, but considering the hiccups in closing the prison, now might be a good time to stop and ask – should the United States close Guantanamo Bay?  The Council on Foreign Relations presents an interesting discussion of this question.  One side of the debate argues that what the prison symbolizes puts America at risk and the other side counters that Guantanamo is the only practical place to house numerous potential war criminals.  Whichever side a person falls on, it is an interesting question to consider.  See here for the discussion.


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