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Google to Work with NSA in Combating and Investigating Cyber Attacks

In the wake of attacks on its systems allegedly launched from China, Google is reportedly in the final stages of hammering out a plan to work with the NSA in investigating the intrusion, announced on January 12, and seeking help in preventing future incidents. Google reportedly approached the NSA for assistance shortly after the attacks were announced, and are contemplating an agreement that would mark the first time the company has entered a formal information-sharing agreement with the NSA; the company in 2008 had stated that it had not cooperated with the NSA in its Terrorist Surveillance Program.

The intrusions, industry experts said, targeted Google source code and involved information from 30 other large tech, defense, energy, financial and media companies, as well as compromising some Gmail accounts of human rights activists in Europe.

Read more at the WSJ and the WP.


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