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Google's Alleged Tie-Up with NSA Raises Concerns

Civil rights groups are concerned about recent indications that Google may be teaming up with the NSA to counter the cyber attacks originating in China. Most opponents of the move fear unchecked and uncontrolled government access to private data of millions of Google-users.

In 2006, similar criticism was voiced when telecom agencies such as AT&T, Verizon and Bell South provided private phone numbers to the NSA. Jody Westby, a CEO of Global Cyber Risk, suggests that based on the types of conventional methods used to infiltrate the Google system private security companies—rather than NSA assistance—are better suited to investigate the attacks, unless they were much more sophisticated than originally reported. Others suggest that Google is seeking to develop friendlier relationships with U.S. government agencies in efforts to sell more of their services.

To read more, please go to USAToday.


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